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Buy Pre-Cut for each pane or by the Half Linear Metre. NO OTHER COMPANY will offer up to 7 different roll widths or a Pre-Cut service at the same price for the same very high quality film NOW WITH 40% Off ALL FILMS SALES! - Pre- Cut orders are supplied slightly oversized ready for trimming purposes. 

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About Omega Window Films

Window Film

About Omega Window Films

  • We have been established since 1988.
  • We offer a UK Supply & Fitting Service or DIY Supply Only.
  • We operate throughout the UK.
  • We have carried out work for over 39 County & Borough Councils and numerous well-known corporate companies (see Our Past Clients).
  • We have CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme Assessed Staff.
  • We were the first window film company to have an NVQ format training programme. It was introduced in 1990 to help set standards within the industry. Others are now following!
  • We offer a price match guarantee for equal quality products.
  • We now offer a 10 year workmanship guarantee.
  • We offer solutions to glazing problems not a solution to any Omega stock problem.
  • We ensure all stock is monitored for high quality from receipt to application.
  • We only source film of the highest quality from recognised international manufacturers whose films have been tested to the required British, European and International standards.

Reassuring facts about Modern Window Films

  1. They can now be guaranteed for up to 16 Years.
  2. They can have a life expectancy of 15 to 23 years.
  3. They are a treatment that is bonded onto original glass. 
  4. They are bonded to original glazing without having to remove from the frame.
  5. They will reduce the Solar Glare & Heat Build up.
  6. They will upgrade float glass to safety glass for Health, Safety and Security. 
  7. They will convert plain smooth glass to a patterned or frosted privacy finish.
  8. They can upgrade glass to Anti Bomb Blast Protection Glass.
  9. They will convert plain ordinary glass to a state of the art appearance with various tints or colour finishes.
  10. They are now used throughout the world.
  11. They only need to be cleaned with a soft cloth clean water and small drop of washing up liquid. 

Reassuring facts about DIY fitting

You will achieve expert results by following ‘Our Easy Fit Guide’ Each order will include a free practice piece of film and fitting squeegee.

See our Video 'How to Fit Window Film' Trade Secrets. 3 Minutes & 14 Secs long.


Window Films - Quality Concerns - Not all Films are the same!

All our films are selected from quality reputable world class manufacturers, they are subject to our very own stringent in-house quality control tests; we do not presume that the claims of manufactures are correct.  We are constantly reviewing our policy, but at present we do not import film from Taiwan, China or India because of past concerns during our own in house quality checks.