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Yellow Coloured Tint Window Glass Film

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See how easy it is to fit on our video above, only 3 mins & 14 seconds long. The video will show you the complete fitting technique which is the same for all films!

This stylish modern yellow coloured glass effect window covering is designed for converting clear smooth glass on the internal face of glazing or partitions, or wherever a splash of colour is required. A smart decorative state of the art coloured glass tinting finish. Ideal for DIY where glass is required to look like coloured glass, not glass coated with a sticky backed plastic.

Half Linear Metre


All film is supplied with a free fitting squeegee, practice piece of film and fitting instructions.

A modern day fablon or sticky backed plastic, but with a higher grade finish. This yellow coloured tinting glass coating treatment is used by professional window film  tinters and is specified by Architects and Designers.

All orders are pre-cut from a master roll which ensures high quality inspection of the film surface. Pre-cut orders cannot be returned or cancelled once the order has been cut. Should your glass be self-cleaning, argon gas filled or laminated or you don't know please complete our customer contact form for further advice