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There is no contract between Omega Window and the customer for an item until Omega Window accepts the customer order by e-mail confirming that order or Omega Window Films has dispatched the item. This being acknowledgment of the order, and confirmation of the contract. Until that time, Omega Window is within its rights to not accept any customer order.
Any roll order purchased by the linear metre, that cannot be supplied in the original roll size as requested by the client, will be offered in a pre-cut format free from any additional pre-cut costs This service will be offered to the client by email and only carried out once the client has provided the individual sizes required. Should the client decide not to accept a pre-cut service a full refund will be carried out. Pre-cut orders or orders taken from master rolls cannot be cancelled once prepared. Any order that delivery is not accepted by the client will incur additional delivery charges.

Any order placed in error and paid for by PayPal and then cancelled during working hours on the same day by the client, will be subject to charges made by PayPal to Omega Window Films. The amount, which is a non refundable fee from PayPal, is dependant on the original order value and will be deducted from the refund. If the order has already been prepared it cannot be cancelled. Any agreed cancellations will aso be subject to a 20% admin charge.
T& C Deliveries Unfortunately no order can be delivered under any ‘time is of the essence requests’. All orders are despatched by the most appropriate carrier relevant for the order size, normally Royal Mail or Parcel Force. Should the delivery require a signature on receipt it should only be signed for if the packaging has no signs of any damaged. Any refused order due to damage will then be returned by the carrier for replacement by Omega Window Films. Omega Window Films cannot be held responsible for re-delivery costs should the carrier not be able to deliver due to no signature or because the customer is not at home or for non collection from the required point of collection offered by the carrier. Omega Window Films will not replace any order with a replacement order that is being returned to Omega Window Films for non delivery by the carrier because the customer is not at home or because the customer has not collected from the point of collection. Omega Window Films cannot be held responsible for failed deliveries to gated communities or where a concierge, porter or a caretaker service is in use at the delivery address. Omega Window Films will resend the original order once it is returned by the carrier and on receipt of additional delivery charges from the customer. Any claim for non-delivery must be made by email within 14 days of the order being placed. A confirmation email from Omega Window Films will be sent to the customer, within one working day, to confirm safe receipt of the email claiming non-delivery. No claim will be accepted if no confirmation email has been received from Omega Window Films, by the customer. Orders that are not delivered, that may be lost by the carrier, cannot be replaced by Omega Window Films until it has been established by the carrier’s tracking that the order has been lost or that it has been returned to Omega Window Films by the carrier due to damage during transit. Omega Window Films cannot be held responsible for order delivery delays beyond their control and any costs incurred by the client from such delays including human errors during packing or pre-cutting. Orders that are not delivered, that may be lost by Royal Mail or Parcel Force, cannot be replaced by Omega Window Films until it has been established by Royal Mail or Parcel Force's Tracking that the order has been lost or that it has been returned to Omega Window Films by Royal Mail or Parcel Force due to damage during transit. Any customer who requests for 24 Hr or 48 Hr Delivery, that the online tracking indicates failure by Parcel Force or Royal Mail to deliver within the time requested, will have the fee refunded less the standard delivery charge. No order can be cancelled because of failure of delivery as all orders are pre-cut from master rolls to the clients specified sizes.

Pre-Cut Orders
All DIY Pre - cut orders are Custom Made to the customers size requirements and Made Up Mini Roll orders are made to the customers length requirements based on sizes supplied or requested by the customer and supplied slightly oversized for trimming purposes as mentioned under films details on the product page, therefore we are unable to accept returned orders. Omega Window Films cannot be responsible for incorrect measurements supplied or requested by the customer. All sizes and orders must be checked on receipt of your order confirmation email. You must inform Omega immediately if you do not receive an order email confirmation. All orders are placed in mm only should the client insert cm the order will be treated automatically as mm to match pricing calculations. Omega will not be responsible for any invoice that indicates cm because clients have inserted this measurement as the product would have been charge at mm.  Should an order be cancelled after the incorrect sizes are input a 20% charge will apply. No refund will apply if the order has already been processed. Any order cancelled after being placed on hold by the client, before being cut, will incur a 20% cancellation charge that will be taken from the refund. All pre-cut orders should be fitted within 14 days of delivery.
Order Discrepancies
Any order discrepancies or faults must be reported with 7 days of receipt date, no refund can be offered once the film has been fitted.
Due to our 7 day 24 hour order picking service, orders placed for DIY cannot be cancelled once accepted by Omega Window Films. Product shading or pattern variations may change subject to manufacturers product or new stock release, Omega Window Films cannot be responsible for a stock differentials once the film has been fitted.

There will be a 20% handling charge plus postage cost for all full 30 mtr length rolls and 30% handling charge plus postage for any tools or roll ends that are returned. Any Customer who is requested by Omega Window Films to return their order for a refund or replacement must ensure that the complete order is packaged correctly and returned by Royal Mail or Parcel Force's Recorded Delivery unless other written instructions are issued by Omega Window Films. Omega Window Films cannot be held responsible for non receipt of returned orders or any additional costs incurred by having to return orders apart from the original Royal Mail Postage costs, which would only be payable if Omega Window Films has requested return of the order.  All films can only be fitted to smooth faced glass, no orders can be returned because the film will not bond to a glass that has an uneven surface.
Product Advice
Advice is available from Omega Window Films in order that the correct product is selected. Omega Window Films cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss should the incorrect product be selected due to not requesting advice or from providing Omega Window Films with incorrect information regarding glazing details. Refunds will be at the discretion of the management. All pre-cut orders should be fitted within 14 days of delivery. 
Special Offers - Discount Codes
All online special offers are restricted to DIY online ordering to reduce administration costs. Any online special offers are only available during the placing of the online order, Customers who fail to insert their discount code will be unable to claim discount at a later date. All orders will receive an automated receipt of order, it is the Customers responsibility to check that all the orders details, including charging, are correct and discrepancies must be reported immediately by phone or email to Omega Window Films. Omega Window Films cannot be held responsible for not receiving email correspondence from the Customer.  All telephone orders will be at a different percentage amount at the discretion of the management. 
Fitting Service
Omega Window Films reserves the right to charge additional costs for our fitting service because of any of the following; sizes or quantities vary to that supplied by our client; should the client reduce quantities when Omega Window Films fitters are on site; access equipment is required; externally fitted film is necessary.
Website Information Accuracy
Omega Window Films takes reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in our web pages is accurate and up to date.  The information, forms and documents offered are designed to provide a guide for common situations. Omega Window Films and employees will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the possession, publication, or use of or reliance on information obtained from our service or for incorrect completion, usage or filing of forms or documents.
Website Amendments
Omega Window Films may amend their website product and advice sections and add, replace or remove products or advice, forms or documents without notice. Products may be withdrawn from sale, without notice, due to manufacture replacement or because of ceased production or change of window film finish in frost, Pattern, colour, shades or tint. Omega Window Films cannot be held responsible for any financial or any other loss by client because of non availability of a product that the client is trying match because of a previous purchase. This will include any any product purchased, that was the last stock held by Omega Window Films, then subsequently lost in transit  and product was withdrawn from sale because of non availability. Any offer of help from Omega Window Films will be made as a gesture of goodwill to a solution for product matching and will not be seen as acceptance of any liability by Omega Window Films.

Omega Window Films, will reserves the right to use within their marketing or work records, any photograph or photographs taken by Omega Window Films or supplied by any client of glazing where window film has been fitted by Omega Window Films or fitted by the client or their agent. No domstice address details or domestic client names will be used without the permission of the domestic client.

As part of our environmental policy, a minimum £7.12p charge may apply for sample requests.  All costs will be refunded for orders over £40. It is possible to order solar films and frost privacy films in sizes from of 100 x 100 mm. A free squeegee will not be supplied with any sample order and will only be supplied free with orders over £40. No refund will be given to any client who order a squeegee in error.